Agate Gemstones – A Lifetime Of Fascination

Agates are a variety of quartz.  Quartz is silicon dioxide and the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust.  The word agate itself is named from the Achates River (now called Dirillo) in Sicily by the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus.  It’s amazing when you think that when you combine an atmospheric gas, a grey metal-like element, toss in some impurities, and mix it with certain geological conditions, you get – agate gemstones!  And quite a variety too. 

It seems that many people have a phase during childhood when they collect rocks.  Invariably there will be agates among the treasures.  Some of us are lucky enough never to have outgrown that fascination.  We call ourselves rockhounds.  Rockhounding is what we do whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Are you one of them?

Laguna Agate Gemstone

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